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Stay and Play in the Seaside Haven of Portarlington

Why do we travel? Is it to escape the mundane, to find new experiences, or perhaps to connect with others and ourselves in ways that our daily routines do not permit?

Whatever your reason, there’s a place designed to answer these questions with its very existence: The Villa on Harding in Portarlington. This haven, a masterpiece of Scandinavian-inspired architecture, calls those in search of beauty, comfort, and adventure on the Bellarine Peninsula.

The Villa On Harding Bellarine Peninsula

Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the essential conveniences and the tranquil ebb and flow of Port Phillip Bay in the heart of Portarlington; The Villa on Harding is an ideal setting for a stay and play experience,

Imagine waking up to the soft, golden light of dawn caressing your face, a breeze carrying whispers from the bay through your window. The home itself, with its open-plan design, fills with this light, enhancing its welcoming, warm ambience. It’s a place where up to 13 guests can find their corner of peace or gather in joyous togetherness, making it perfect for large groups or families seeking to forge memorable moments. 

The Bellarine Peninsula, along with Geelong, has become a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of seaside tranquillity, culinary delights, and outdoor adventures. 

With an impressive visitor count of over 6.2 million people per year, the area’s tourism economy contributes significantly to the local economy with a direct tourism spend of $1.6 billion​. 

The Villa on Harding’s location serves as a luxe accommodation base for the Bellarine Peninsula’s rich offerings. A brief walk leads you to the beach and pier, promising serene mornings by the water or fun-filled afternoons of exploration. But it’s not just about the proximity to the beach or the shops; it’s about the experience waiting for you beyond the threshold of this luxurious abode.

Portarlingon, Accomodation Victoria, Bellarine Peninsula

For wine enthusiasts, the Bellarine Peninsula is a treasure trove.

Wineries like Scotchmans Hill, Oakdene and Bellarine Estate, mere minutes from Portarlington, offer a glimpse into the region’s winemaking prowess, boasting premium cool maritime climate wines and immersive experiences. For those who seek a taste of local spirit, Bellarine Distillery, with its handcrafted gins and a story rooted in the romance of the Highlands, awaits your visit. And let’s not overlook the House of Jack Rabbit, where the fusion of stunning views, delectable meals, and excellent value merge into a memorable dining experience.

However, The Villa on Harding offers more than just a base from which to explore; it invites you to a lifestyle. Its design, aimed at capturing the breathtaking views across Melbourne, encourages moments of reflection and relaxation. Whether you’re basking in the natural light filling the living areas, enjoying a meal prepared in the gourmet kitchen, or simply taking in the panoramic vistas from the outdoor deck, every moment here feels suspended in a state of bliss.

Wineries on the Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula is a vibrant community with historic sites and natural beauty. From the quaint streets of Portarlington to the sweeping landscapes of the peninsula, every corner reveals something intriguing. 

The Villa on Harding promises memories waiting to be made, serene mornings and joyful evenings, adventures through vineyards and along coastlines.

At the heart of your stay at The Villa on Harding is a luxurious retreat with the personalised touch of our exclusive luxury concierge service, Bellarine Bliss Escapes. This service transforms a standard getaway into a bespoke experience, meticulously curated to meet your desires and interests. Imagine visiting the Bellarine Peninsula and immersing yourself in it, with every detail of your adventure tailored to your preferences.

 Our Stay and Play packages are designed to encapsulate the essence of luxury travel, offering a seamless blend of comfort, exploration, and indulgence. Contact us today to find out more! 




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