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Making Memories and Munching Donuts on The Bellarine Peninsula

Weekends are for making memories, diving deep into relaxation, and forging connections that rejuvenate the spirit. Imagine indulging in this luxury at a premier retreat in the heart of the Bellarine Peninsula, a place designed to turn moments into memories with friends and family.

Here, amidst the region’s natural beauty and vibrant culture, lies a retreat that masterfully combines comfort with adventure. The Villa On Harding offers guests a sanctuary where every detail—from sprawling rooms inspired by Scandivaniian architecture to a chef-style kitchen where meals become communal experiences—caters to a rich, immersive stay.

Ideal for large groups, we invite you to fully experience the peninsula’s offerings. Morning walks to Daniel’s Donuts become cherished rituals, while local coffee shops and boutiques provide a taste of the area’s lively essence. Each pub and restaurant visited opens doors to the heart and soul of the Bellarine Peninsula.

Family and memories in Porartlington Group Accomodation

Entertainment abounds within the Villa’s walls, from arcade games that delight both young and old to luxurious bedding that promises restorative sleep. The balcony’s sweeping views offer a backdrop of the bay with views to Melbourne, while the spacious dining area and warm fireplace set the stage for evenings filled with shared stories and laughter.

Outdoor enthusiasts find their haven here, too, with the retreat’s proximity to calming waters and scenic landscapes inviting fishing, exploration, and admiration.

Enjoying the simplicity of being together in a place that enhances every moment spent is at the core of our vision for our guests. 

To ensure your weekend is as effortless as it is unforgettable, our service, Bellarine Bliss Escapes, stands ready to tailor your experience. 

The Bellarine Peninsula for Unique Stays and Groups

Our Stay and Play packages are meticulously curated to align with your interests, whether you’re drawn to the culinary delights, the serene landscapes, or the rich culture of the Bellarine Peninsula. We invite you to reach out to allow us to craft your perfect getaway, ensuring that from the moment you arrive, your time is devoted not to planning but to living, laughing, and connecting.

Contact us today to discover how your next weekend can transcend the ordinary, transforming into an enriching experience that lingers long after you return home.



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